Learn the history of Altex

More than 20 years in the sector back us up

The trajectory of Altex

Constitution of Altex

Launch of Altex Momentum (formerly Sigma Fund Real Return)

CNMV Approval
CNMV Approval

CNMV approves Altex as a manager of collective investment institutions


Altex SGIIC is appointed as the investment manager of Sigma Fund Sicav

Portfolio Management
Altex Expands

The activity program of Altex is expanded by adding portfolio management

New Funds
Altex Quality & Prudent Growth

Launch of Altex Quality (formerly Sigma Quality Stocks) and Altex Prudent Growth (formerly Sigma Prudent Growth)

New logo and brand

New logo and brand


Appointment of Altex AM as Manco in Luxembourg

Digital Subscription
Digital Subscription of Funds

Altex AM receives approval from the CNMV to market its funds in Spain, with digital subscription through the website

Our Mission

We aim to make investing in profitable businesses a viable strategy for all types of investors, including the most conservative ones.

The rule that markets tend to be more stable for longer has been broken. Corrections are more frequent and, at the same time, more abrupt, but not only the corrections, also the recoveries. We are in a period where immediacy forces us to stay alert to defend against corrections and capture rebounds.

At Altex, we have perceived this paradigm shift, and our investment processes are designed to react quickly to any change in market trends.

Analysis allows us to understand. Strategy generates our profitability.
Enrique Bailly-Baillère
General Manager

We aim to provide the best combination of profitability and protection for any investment portfolio in liquid assets. Always innovating, designing, and managing strategies based on clear, objective rules with measurable results.

Over time, we have been refining investment techniques and risk control always with the goal of maximizing profitability and long-term capital growth, being very clear about the risk limits set by our investors.

We focus on preserving liquidity, quality, and profitability throughout the economic cycle.

Our Vision

Our Values

Altex was founded in 2003 with the goal of offering institutional and private investors an investment management service based on excellence, integrity, and independence. From these values, the founding partners assembled a management team with experience since 1995 in the main investment areas.

Since our inception, we have maintained our independence and flexibility in management to adapt to changes and take advantage of the best opportunities offered by the markets within the risk that each one can assume. The alignment of interests between management and the investor is absolute.

We want the profitability generated by investing in companies to reach all types of investors, including the most conservative ones.
Carlos Dexeus
Chairman of the Board

Transforming the future under the guidance of our leaders

The future doesn't scare us, at Altex we manage it

We are more than a company; we are a constantly evolving vision. At the forefront of this vision stand two great leaders: Carlos Dexeus and Enrique Bailly-Baillière.


Relentless pursuit of excellence

With over 40 years of experience in the financial sector, Carlos holds a degree in Law and Economic Sciences from the University of Barcelona, and an MBA from INSEAD. He has 18 years of experience in Investment Banking and treasury at JP Morgan, Swiss Bank Corporation, and Barclays. He was the General Manager and Director of Inditex. In 1999, he founded Netjuice, a technological startup incubator. He received the award for Best Private Equity Deal in 2004 for the sale of Kelkoo to Yahoo. He founded Altex Asset Management in 2003. He is the Chairman of Altex Asset Management and the Tamarit Group.


Passionate focus on innovation

Graduated in Telecommunications Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and Executive MBA, with honors, from the Instituto de Empresa de Madrid. 4 years in biometric technology research and stochastic series analysis. Applied research projects funded by the European Economic Community. 7 years at Ericsson Group. R&D Engineer, telecommunications systems prototypes, and business development proposal management. Joined Altex Asset Management in 2007. Currently, General Manager and CIO. Partner and member of the Board of Directors of Altex Asset Management. Enrique has 17 years of experience in the financial sector.