Sustainability, key in Altex investments

Sustainability has of late become a defining feature in our daily lives, in the news, in the concerns of governments, as well as in companies, and this is even more so since the pandemic began.  

According to the “Vision on ESG matters from the Board of Directors’ point of view” report, prepared by KPMG in collaboration with Fundación SERES, almost 90% of large companies recognize that ESG matters are increasingly important for their governing bodies as a consequence of COVID-19.

As several sources consulted point out in this report, companies should develop a more active approach towards sustainability given the growing interest of investors towards ESG issues.

At Altex we are well aware of this trend: our funds are sensitive to current developments and take into consideration the social and environmental impact our investments may have. This is why TSMC, NVIDIA, Microsoft, ASML, Novo Nordisk, Best Buy or Givaudan, which have been granted an ESG rating of AAA by MSCI, are among the companies in which we invest. This rating values actions taken by these companies in their corporate governance, sustainability and social policies positively.