Two Altex funds, at the top of the Funds People rankings

Sigma Fund Real Return and Sigma Fund Prudent Growth occupy the top positions of the Funds People’s profitability rankings.

On the one hand, the Sigma Fund Prudent Growth, with a profitability of 44.31%, occupies the second place among the most profitable funds of 2020 in the flexible allocation category. In the publication, Funds People highlights that «the portfolio of this product is made up of between 25 and 35 stocks, of which at least half must be from the United States and the rest from the European Union and China. Each group of shares is covered with index futures representative of the region in which the companies are domiciled. To select these companies, it follows, as it’s name indicates, the growth strategy, looking for those that are going to grow, in it’s opinion, more than the average». Read the full news.

On the other hand, the Sigma Fund Real Return, with a return of 32.99%, leads the ranking of most profitable funds of 2020 in the Multistrategy category. In the news, Funds People points out that «the fund, with a track record of 18 years, is based on three pillars to generate sustainable returns: quantitative technology, growth philosophy and specialization in derivatives management». In addition, they talk about part of the strategy that Altex Partners successfully developed throughout 2020. Read the full news.

FundsPeople, a leading community for collective investment and asset management professionals in southern Europe (Spain, Andorra, Portugal and Italy), has produced these rankings based on data from Morningstar. For Altex, this recognition by two reference media for the sector represents great pride and a drive to continue working and make 2021 an even more profitable year than 2020.